Asian Heart Mind Body Collective

1: Who Are We & Why Are We Here?

April 29, 2021

Meet your podcast hosts, Adele and Danielle. Learn a bit about their stories, why they started the podcast, and why the title API Heart Mind Body Collective. Hear why they intentionally chose April 30, 2021 as the date for their first episode release. Finally, you'll be invited to practice a short mindfulness meditation, led by Danielle.  

Show Notes: 

  • About Braided Wisdom 
  • About Teacher Carol Cano  
  • The music you heard in this podcast came from a cassette tape recording of a live performance in Vietnam that Adele's mother's friend, the late musician, Mr. Nguyen Tuc, gave Adele. This song is the base sound track for Adele's first film, El Paso Vietnam. The tape was labeled "Khong Minh Tao Cam Dan Tranh". The instrument is a Vietnamese Dan Tranh instrument. Email Adele at if you want to hear the whole track.

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